Boys and Girls Conference

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Boys and Girls:
Boys and girls conferences are run
separately, with two weeks apart, focusing
on the gender specific needs and struggles
(we have found these conferences to be
most effective and life changing)

In reality the conferences are more like
seminars as they are topical
and the sessions are usually all focused on one
specific topics, Biblical Gender relevant issues (sexual purity)
Being and living to be a Godly Man or Woman.

Targeted Audience:
Youth workers and their teenagers ages
14-19, Israeli/Jews, Israeli/Palestinian Arabs
from all over the country and in that, youth
from Ethiopian and Russian ethnical

Two conferences a year usually over a
Friday/Saturday weekend and at times
(maybe once a year) over an extended
2 day weekend (we purposefully do
not try and organize conferences during
the high season in order not clash with
other youth activities).

Preparation includes:
Sending out invitations months ahead, line up the
topics and the speakers, Proper staff of men and woman,
worship band, kitchen staff and shopping for food, designing logos,
brochures, posters, booklets, devotionals, name
tags and t-shirts, and other specific materials as
tools for the topics and much more…

Spread the Gospel and Grow the Body:
The youth attending the conferences primarily come from
believing families; nevertheless we 
don’t assume that they
themselves are believers. The conferences are seeker
friendly and a great 
setting for youth to invite non-believing
friends to participate. The gospel is clearly 
presented to encourage
and strengthen the faith of the believers and to challenge 
exhort non-believers. 
The youth leaders attending the conference
are then encouraged to use the materials and topics presented
at the conference and expand on it in their congregational settings,
thereby encouraging growth within the congregation.


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