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Walk on Water Is an annual event held on the shores of the sea of Galilee. Probably Israel’s largest believing youth event by far. It is Funded by raised money and the entry fee’s for the participants are very minimal, so that more youth could participate without the money being an issue. Let them hear the gospel and help bring unity amongst the Arab and Jewish believing youth in the land.
We Charge a small amount for 4 nights including food and sleeping arrangements on the beach. Walk on water is packed with workshops, teaching and lots of fellowship.

Ministry Aspect:
Four days of worship, teaching, fellowship, workshops and time in the water :)

We want to share the gospel and unite the body of believers in Israel, put the differences aside and focus on the hope that we have in Jesus.

We have had up to 500 youth participate at times Arab and Jewish Israelis and we pray for good fellowship and teaching to build the body of young believers.
A team of speakers and musicians are put together and we hope that they all would be able to get involved not only with sharing scripture and music but also sharing their testimonies so that the youth would be encouraged and sent home with a new hope and reaffirmed relationship with Yeshua.

Usually we have a few speakers from the U.S. and from Israel, work together in teaching the lessons. So the event is very much a challenge logistically.
Walk on water is a unique Ministry opportunity and we really want the the

 Over and over we have heard from youth across the country that Walk on Water was the one of the best conferences they had ever been to, it had great teaching and so much effort put into it!
Many youth leaders have responded that this conference was a necessary conference as it had sound teaching, built bonds between the youth.

Financial Aspect:
Walk on water is heavily supported by specific people who believe that through Yeshua (Jesus) will come true peace and unity amoungst the believers in the Land. Although these few are always willing, we always ask for help in supporting walk on water financially to take the load off and spread the effort of support.

Testimonies and responses to Walk On Water:

“The best thing was the teaching” – the youth were impacted by it.

One soldier who missed the conference said – “Not ten minutes after landing in the country  I received an SMS about how wonderful and a blessing the conference was” –they are talking about it still between their friends.

The youth leader of various Congregations (Arab and Jewish) said it was a great conference and the
youth were greatly blessed.

The youth leader from Bet Geulah Congregation said – Thanks! It was a wonderful conference
and that with no doubt is showed us the power and strength of God!

One of the youth that worked for three days to set up the camp said that he learned the
lesson of hard work. “If you want to do something big, you need to do hard work.”

Facebook responses:

תודה תודה תודה לכל הצוות המדהים היה באמתתת ממש ממש מעולהה !!! יאללה מחכים לכנסים הבאים :)
Thank you thank you thank you to all the amazing team was honestly really really terrific!!!

Yalla waiting for following conferences :)
Well done team Netivah!!! The event was unprecedented and competition.

קרו דברים מדהימים בכנס הזה.. אותי אישית הוא שינה מכמה וכמה בחינות, תודה לה׳! כל מי שהגיע לשם זה
לא במקרה, הריי אצל ה׳ אין דבר כזה. דרך הכנס התברכו כ״כ הרבה אנשים. תודה לה׳ ולאנשים שהוא
Amazing things happened at this conference … Me personally the conference change me in
several different ways. Thank the Lord! Everyone who got there was not there by chance. For
with God there is no such thing as by chance. Through the conference so many people were
blessed, thank the Lord and the people He used to make Walk on Water happen.
God just blessed this conference!!!

It was really blessed! Thank you to the entire team of the Netivah. God truly was at work:)
It was great!! Thank you, God will continue to bless you!

Was one of a kind!!!!! :)

One of the best testimonies that Netivah has heard about is a young man from the Jerusalem
area who is just out of the army. We have known this young man for years and he has been
very distant and cut himself off from the believing body. Walk on Water was the first
conference that he has attended in many years. His family told to us that since the
conference his whole demeanor has changed, he is now attending the local congregation with
his family and it getting reconnected with the local believers. It was only God’s Holy Spirit
working on this young man through the great teaching, the fellowship of believers and an not
to miss event that we can praise God for this wonderful turn around.
ree things that the Netivah team has learned and need to do better next time are –
Even though Netivah has a good reputation in the Arab believing community, we have a lot of
work to do to get the Arab believing leaders on board for the next conference. We need to
work to deepen this working relationship and be more aware of the social needs of the Arab

Interaction with non believers:
– The manager of the beach
– Zevik and his team
– Various service providers especially the big games team
– Lifeguards
– Ambulance team
– Shantipi, the shade team
The overall response to us and the youth was “WHO ARE THESE KIDS?” These people saw
the difference between our youth and the regular youth in Israel. It was awesome to see their
light shine. After the last meeting, the ambulance team told Joel that we had confused their
hearts and their thinking on ‘religion’.


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