From Sea to Sea – National hike and camping trip

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Every year Netivah organizes 2-3 day camping trips
usually in the Galilee area and/or in the Negev desert
that includes hiking, sleeping outdoors, learning
from the Word and experiencing the Land.

In today’s culture, it is hard to get the youth away from the TV,
Internet, and the race for the next popular trend. We at
Netivah Center believe that hiking and camping is an intense
time for bonding and developing lasting relationships,
learning about the Land the Bible and the history, giving the
youth an opportunity to get out and see God’s creation and

The Program: (Overview)
Bus ride to
starting/camping point,
setting camp
All day hike
Visit at a historical/biblical sights
Bible study and teaching on a
biblical theme

Targeted Audience:
Teenagers ages 14-19, Israeli/Jews,
Israeli/Palestinian Arabs from all
over the country including
youth from Ethiopian and
Russian ethnic backgrounds.

Every 2 years during the summer we prepare a 5 day Sea to Sea hike crossing the country

from the Mediterranean Sea to the Sea of Galilee.

Preparation Includes:
Invitations, registration, prep trips, checking out camp sites, sleeping and
transportation arrangements, preparation and maintenance of camping
equipment, vehicles, first aid, staff, food and much more…

Spread the Gospel and Grow the Body:
Again the youth attending our activities are primarily from believing backgrounds
though we do not assume that they have personally decided to follow Yeshua. The
activities are open for youth to invite friends from school to participate, the Gospel
is clearly presented, and during these trips we encounter along the way




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