Youth leaders Seminar – Seminars for Youth leaders, Congregational leaders and parents 

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Usually a one day intensive seminar for youth workers, youth leaders, pastors, elders and parents.
During the seminar, the youth leaders are equipped with the tools and training to improve
their youth work in their congregation and to create a network between them.
seminars are also a good place for the youth leaders to share their experiences
and learn from one 

There is very little “professional” teaching and training for youth workers serving
within the local congregation. We believe that Netivah has the experience and
knowledge to provide some of those teachings. We also have the capability to
coordinate professional teachers on the relevant subjects. These seminars
provide a forum and connection point for youth workers and leaders from all
over the country. These gatherings build a relationship of trust and cooperation
between youth workers and our work here at the Netivah center; As well as providing
opportunities for Coaching and Discipline, and for Beginning and Veteran youth workers.

The program: (Overview)
Gathering, registration, fellowship, intro, session 1, session 2 (2-3 workshops), lunch,
session 3, Closing summary. 

Targeted Audience:
Youth directors, youth workers, pastors, elders, parents, and 
anyone who is interested
in reaching out and serving in regards to youth, both from

the Jewish and Arab congregations alike.

3 conferences a year one in Autumn-Winter and another in the Spring-Summer.

Spread the Gospel and Grow the Body:
We believe that when youth workers are better prepared and equipped for youth
work, their teaching and activities will be more thought through and eeffective to
help bring true change in the lives of the teenagers they are ministering to.


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