Netzor pre-military program

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Netsor is a pre-military preparation
program for high school graduates
preparing them for their military service in
the IDF. This program is organized and put
on by Netivah, in co-operation with “Lech
-Lecha” (non prot ministry for short term
discipleship programs)

Military service is mandatory for all Israeli
citizens/permanent residents upon finishing high
school, men for three years and women for two. The Netsor
program is geared to address the issues that are relevant for
them as soldiers, such as: fears and concerns of moving away
from home and into a rigid and demanding environment,
helping to diuse some of the fears and anxieties, the moral
and ethical dilemmas they will face during their service, sexual
purity, purity of heart, purity of arms, being a light and
testimony to those they are serving with and under, identity of
the believing soldier, respect and dignity of all people, also the enemy and seeing
the time in the army as an opportunity of growth and maturity rather than a long
survival period they need to fear from. Moreover, our desire is to see them bond
and develop eective supporting relationships that will carry them throughout
their time in the military and beyond. Finally we want to encourage families,
pastors and elders in the congregations to actively pursue contact with the soldiers
in their midst.

The program (Overview)
The first two days consist of strategic team building games, outdoor Bible studies
and a long challenging day hike.
The following days usually take place at a guest house near the Sea of Galilee,
Where we conduct intence activities, bible
studies and discussions take place.
The program ends with a graduation ceremony,
where families, pastors and elders are invited to
take part and show their support.

Targeted Audience:
High school graduates, ages 17-19, the
participants are primarily of a Jewish
background, generally committed believers and followers of Yeshua.

The Netsor program has literally doubled every year since we started our rst program, which
had 7 participants, to now where we are up to 35 participants and growing.

Spread the Gospel and Grow the Body:
The participants are challenge to strengthen and grow in their faith and encouraged to be a
testimony and a light as they boldly and openly share their faith.




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