LTC Youth Conference Germany (German and Israeli youth connecting through Yeshua)

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We are excited to give you a brief look into the vision of LTC!

LTC stands for – “Life through Christ, “and it’s all about the ultimate experience for teens who want to allow Jesus to impact their lives every day”.

Every year Netivah is invited with a team of Israeli Youth Jew and Arab to Participate in a youth conference in langensteinbach, Germany.
We are hosted and accommodated at the Youth Center there, where we join with the German brothers and sisters in fellowship, Great foundation biblical teachings worship and extra outdoor activities.

The Lahoe Family and Youth Center ( is located an hours drive south of Frankfurt and was established by the believing community in the area.  There vision is to connect between the nations in teaching the word of God to all and to make friendship connections between the youth of Germany and the Youth of Israel. The Local church there highly support the cause and are determent to make a difference in this young generation of followers of Christ.

The lahoe is an independent and Crosse denominational conference center started more 50 years ago and today hosting more than 80 conferences the year.

 They believe that it’s important to teach the full biblical gospel and God’s revelation to men of His plan of salvation to the nations:

Lahoe; “Three points” – personal gift of grace by His son Jesus, His plan with His people Israel, and His love for all men kind.

  • It’s a true blessing for us to bring a group of teenagers from Israel.

  • During the conference we have different workshops that give the taste of Israel and the life style of the believers Yeshua.

  • Each year we see the fruits of new friendships being formed out participating in LTC.


In this amazing trip we are hosted at the houses of the families in the area, learning and feeling the culture of the families. With all this the team is able to go travel to cities near by and breath in the surrounding.

After the Conference the team gets on a bus and travels to a concentration camp, with the German youth side by side we walk and learn of the past history that we as a nation went through. Knowing that the Holocaust was a terrible time in history and remembering what was done, this is a great opportunity to pray together and thank the Lord for the unity we have in Yeshua (Jesus).



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