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O That You May Live A Life Worthy Of The Lord And Please Him In Every Way.
Bearing Fruit In Every Good Work, Growing In The Knowledge Of God

Colossians 1:10

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Due to recent events in the South and the threat of war in the North, Israel is in a state of war.  

We at Netivah are shifting our focus to support the families

that are needing help and supporting our soldiers at the front line. 

Thank you for standing with us as we support and encourage

the Body of Yeshua. 

Please continue to pray for the peace of Israel

and for the Gospel to go forward.   ( posted 18.10.2023 )


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Youth Ministry

  • National Youth Conferences 

  • National Boys And Girls Conferences

  • National Junior High Activities

  • Young Servants and leaders decipleship training (Church Development)

  • Sea to Sea - Hikes

Soldier Ministry

  • Soldier Conferences

  • Netzor 10 day Army prep for 12 Graders National Program.

  • Arrows - 3 month Pre military Discipleship program “Hetzim”



  • Youth Leaders seminars and conferences

  • Parental Educational Content and support

  • Youth Hot-line for teenagers in crisis seeking help

  • Educational & Spiritual Content for the Local Body

youth ministry
soldiers ministry

Media Team

  • Graphic and Video Content to support all Netivah branches 

  • Educational/Biblical Programs featuring biblical sites and stories around Israel.

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media team
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Administration facilities and equipment

  • Supporting the Local Youth groups

  • Camping and outdoor activities at the Netivah complex

Administration faculty and equipment
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Partner With Us
In prayer for the Netivah Team as we serve
to impact the believing youth,
soldiers and families here in the Land. 

If the Lord leads you, please take part

in helping us establish a stable yearly budget
for all the Activities and Salaries that are needed.


To see young men and women
coming to the saving knowledge of Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah, 
knowing His love, becoming like Him and serving Him.
We serve to equip, strengthen and support
the growth and maturing of the Messianic/Christian community
in the Land of Israel. 


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Non-profit Youth Work | Netivah Youth Ministries Israel | Petah Tikva

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