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"Start children off on the way they should go,
and even when they are old they will not turn from it."

Proverbs 22:6

Dear Parents,

We at Netivah are happy to be a tool in the hands of the Lord Yeshua to serve the Local Messianic communities and support you in shaping and guiding the youth in the body of Messiah.

Netivah is a Messianic youth education ministry that serves in the field of youth work and soldiers among the Messianic community.

We at Netivah provide activities for youth such as: Conferences, HikingTrips and trainings that make a connection to Scriptures and fellowship with other believing youth from all over the country.

  • Who we are?
    The Netivah team consists of workers and volunteers who believe and walk in the love of Jesus and his power to forgive and save everyone.
  • What do we teach?
    We at Netivah strive to create content directly related to the love and grace of Jesus. We understand that not every person who comes to our activities has chosen to follow Jesus and accept Him as their personal savior. That's why our teachings often focus on the basics of faith, accepting the fact that every person sins and has fallen short from the glory of God (Romans 3:23) and therefore every boy and girl needs a savior who can change their lives, someone who loves them and who they have a personal relationship with in the Holy Spirit.
  • Who is it suitable for?
    Our activities are suitable for Messianic youth who come from Messianic families and consider themselves part of the body of believers in Israel. The activities are divided into 3 main groups: Activities for young people: grades 7-8 Youth activities: 9-12 Activities for soldiers
  • How do you register for the conference?
    We at Netivah work to build and encourage the connection of the youth to the local congregations from which they come, therefore registration for the conferences will be done through the youth Leaders. If there is no option to register through the youth Leader, you can contact us at the Netivah Office.
  • How much does a conference cost?
    The price varies depending on the activity. Before each activity, Netivah distributes all the relevant details: price, topic and dates to the Local Congregations and Via the Netivah App  It is important to us that every boy and girl can participate in all our activities and that the price does not prevent them from coming. Most of the prices of the activities are already subsidised, but you can contact us for additional financial help as needed.
  • Other things you should know?
    Participation in our activities is conditional on presenting parental consent, therefore a boy or girl who has not yet turned 18 and who arrives at the activity without presenting parental consent will not be able to participate.
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